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I regularly shop at Holly's Hallmark. I would say about once a week. I make a purchase in the store. My children are regular collectors of the Webkinz products that the store sells. On a number of occasions in the past month, multiple store employees to include the manager or owner told me that they would be participating in the "Webkinz Extravaganza."

The staff told both me and my children that for every $10.00 I purchased in the store a free Webkinz animal would be given away. As my children are the collectors they really got my children excited about this promotional deal. My oldest son has been working really hard at school and doing extra chores around the house to save up for this extravaganza. He had an item in the store all picked out.

On the weekend (April 25th-27th) that it was told to me and my children it would occur we went to the store. My son got out his money with all the dollars and change he had been faithfully saving for his special purchase. When we got to the counter we were told that they weren’t going to do the extravaganza. They weren’t giving away any Webkinz. I asked if they would be doing it at a later date and they said no.

My children were completely devastated. There were animals on the shelves and it was very difficult for them to understand why after a month of being told about the promotion they weren’t doing it. I was and still am very upset about the whole situation and said as much to the manager. Unfortunately, instead of making in right with my children she blamed a Webkinz rep. for not ordering the animals and offered me only a name and number of who I could contact.

I feel at the least the store owes both my children and me an apology. I feel that the right thing to do because we are regular customers was to honor what they said they were going to do which was to give away Webkinz with a purchase for $10.00 or more. I feel so strongly about how we were poorly we were treated that I will never shop again in that Hallmark Store.

It is one thing to have run advertisement that is incorrect it is totally different to tell small children that you are going to do something and then not regardless of the reasons.

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I posted the above comment.At this point the Ganz representative has called me and told me that he is shipping two webkinz to the store for my children.

He told me that it was his fault that the order wasn't place. I am still disappointed in the customer service of the Juneau Hallmark store. A good business person always follows through with their promisses. At this point I do not believe that I will get those "free" webkinz.

I am still extremely disappointed in the store mananger.When you tell something to someone you follow through.

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